About Us

We are a scratch-artisan bakery. We support King Arthur Flour (Norwich, VT), Lindley Mills (Graham, NC), Carolina Ground (Ashville, NC) and try to incorporate as much of their organic flour as possible in all of our products. We make many different types of breads, pies, cakes, desserts, charcuterie etc. both savory and sweet. Anna Maria Bake House started in 2015 at the Sandbar restaurant. We began by replacing each and every bread we bought by making it in-house. We now make all of the breads, crackers, and desserts for all three of the Chiles Hospitality restaurants and the farmer's market at Gamble Creek Farms. Some of our bakery items are available for pick-up and delivery. Let us help with your next dinner party, celebration, or special event.

Our Ingredients

Our breads and pastries are additive and preservative free, and baked from scratch.

Our Process

Before our restaurants are open for the day, our bakery staff is already at work preparing freshly baked goods for our restaurants and for pick up and delivery. Quality ingredients and expert preparation make our baked goods the perfect accompaniment to a great meal.

Proudly served at our Restaurants, Farm, and Events

Our commitment to fresh food and fresh ingredients is exemplified with our house made breads and specialty confections. Fresh from the oven, the Anna Maria Bake House supplies all of the breads, house made buns and desserts to all three of our restaurants. Our bakery items complement our locally sourced and freshly prepared foods and our desserts are the perfect ending to a delicious meal.